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Behaviour Consultations

Rest assured, you're receiving top-notch assistance from the only IMDTB qualified dog behaviourist in south Wales.

Image by Jay Heike
What I DO:-
Use science-led, ethical and effective methods backed up by rigorous peer reviewed research

What I DO NOT DO:-
Use 'quick-fix' methods your dog will find stressful and unpleasant such as harsh punishments and corrections.
These are methods that studies have shown are detrimental to your dogs wellbeing and are not recommended by the IMDTDogs Trust, Battersea, and the RSPCA 
Common problem behaviours:-

Aggression towards people and/or other dogs

Reactivity towards dogs, men, hi-viz jackets, chasing cars, joggers, cyclists

Separation distress (anxiety) which is common in re-homed dogs or where a change in routine such as the care giver returning to work has left Rover feeling anxious

Guarding behaviours most commonly food, toys, stolen items e.g. socks, certain areas or even people

Phobias such as noise e.g. fireworks, getting in the car, visiting the vet

Compulsive behaviours like obsessive licking, spinning, shadow chasing

Toileting in the house

Excessive barking 
The Consultation Process

The Questionnaire;

A detailed questionnaire will be sent online, and also a form for your vet to sign or your consent for me to contact your vet. Some behavioural issues can be affected by medical problems or medication so it can be important your vet is part of the process.


The Telephone Interview;

Once your completed questionnaire and vet referral form have been received we will book a telephone call of approximately 40 minutes to discuss your case. During this call recommendations may be made for you to implement immediately, or we may go straight to booking the first home visit.

The First Consultation;


This will be at your home, or a neutral venue if that better suits your dog. In some cases it is not necessary for your dog to be present initially as our goal is to keep stress and anxiety to a minimum. This session usually lasts approximately an hour and a half, but please allow two hours in your diary. There will be time for you to ask as many questions as you want, and to discuss all aspects of the programme. We may start some practical training, or may implement some lifestyle and management changes first.


The Report;


A written report will be sent to you after the consultation with the assessment of your dog and recommendations for the most effective ways to progress. It will likely include both management strategies and training exercises. The report is also a reminder of what we discussed and a reference guide to help you with your training.


Ongoing Support;


Depending on your case, you may be asked to keep simple records and email them to me on a regular basis.

You are welcome to email or message me with any questions relating to the report at any time. If you have a matter you would like to discuss on the phone, please text or email first so we can arrange a time so that you have my undivided attention. 


Second visit;

Between 2 and 4 weeks after the initial consultation we will meet again to assess your progress and initiate any changes that may need to be made.


3rd check in;

Either in person if local, or via zoom/WhatsApp video to address any final niggles. 

The Package in Summary;

Approximately 3 months of support

Fill out questionnaire and return

Book phone interview


Written report

Full email/text/phone support throughout the process

Second visit to keep you on track.

3rd visit (or video consult) to mop up any niggles making follow up appointments rare.

Total cost £295

*Fuel charges apply if over 10 miles away

Follow up appointments are £85

Bespoke packages and payment plans are available 


Get in touch to find out more

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