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Why pick me as your trainer?

I love dogs and I like helping people with their dogs. I don't think the saying 'there are no bad dogs, just bad owners' is true. Some care givers with the best of intentions can find themselves a bit lost  - like when they come home to find their beloved Rover has eaten the sofa - it happens!

I see myself as the conduit between dog and human,

I am here to help you understand each other. 

I have spent my life studying the behaviour of animals. I was never happier as a child than when cleaning out the dog pen, although I am not sure the dogs were impressed by my grooming skills, there were a few dodgy haircuts!

This is me in the 1980's with our gun dog 'Shot'. Yes, his name was 'Shot the Dog'. As an adult I spent time in Africa studying primates and rhinos.  

Dr Caroline and her first dog Shot
Image by Celyn Bowen

I have a PhD in animal behaviour, a degree in Zoology and I am a professional member of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour.


I was keen to get a recognised industry standard dog behaviour qualification so I decided to study with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and am now one of their qualified trainers. 

I am also one of the very few accredited dog behaviourists in Wales.


What I like is that the IMDT uses proven, ethical and up to date science based teaching methods which fits in with my nerdy science background and my own ethos of fear-free training. 

Qualifications and continuing professional development courses:

* PhD in Animal Behaviour

* B.Sc. Zoology

* Qualified dog behaviourist (IMDTB)

* Qualified dog trainer (IMDT)

* Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) & Behaviourist courses:-

- 3 day Easy Peasy Puppy Instructor

- Canine Adolescence

- The exercises: Foundation to Advanced

- 1 day Perfect Puppy course

- 4 day Practical Instructors course

- 2 day Career as a dog trainer 

- The Consultation And Follow-Up Report

- Aggression & Rehabilitation 

- Separation Anxiety

- Resource Guarding

* Victoria Stillwell Academy

 - Dog Behaviour Conference

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour logo
IMDT Qualified Trainer
UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter
Photo from Caroline
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