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Dr Caroline on a walk with Alfie the Retriever

Dr. Caroline Rees is
an expert in animal behaviour and is also a qualified dog trainer and a certified dog behaviourist. She is based in south Wales and provides in person local support and global online support.

Image by Afra Ramió

Caroline uses judgement-free coaching to help you understand your dog and build the rapport with your best friend that you always wanted. 

Dr Caroline and her dog Buddy.

I am really passionate about helping people and their dogs to live content lives. It can be frustrating and sometimes upsetting when our dogs display unwanted behaviours. I can show you how small changes can make a big difference to overcoming these problems and help you achieve your goals as a team

- Dr. Caroline Rees


Basil the Jack Russell enjoying a walk on the beach


Basil had issues around guarding and barking at any visitors that came to the front door. We were happy for him to bark so that we knew people were coming to the house but he wouldn't stop barking or move away from the front door. 

Caroline helped us to understand why Basil was barking and what Basil was thinking and feeling. With Caroline's guidance we were able to help Basil to change his behaviour. Since we had our training sessions with Caroline Basil is a much happier dog.

Thank you!

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